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Industry Question

With no limit for innovation, will technology replace DJs?

Club DJ’s are part magician, part travel agent. It’s their job to create an atmosphere, to keep the night and the mood flowing, to take the audience on a journey from one hour to the next. And it must be done seamlessly, for if the audience can tell when one track ends and other begins, the DJ isn’t doing his job properly.

– As written for Clinton Sparks (Purchase Clinton’s new single, “Favorite DJ” HERE)


IOTW – Jon Dym

Mass Appeal Entertainment’s
Intern of the Week:

Jon Dym

Jon comes to Mass Appeal via JWU where he is studying for his Masters in Sports, Entertainment, and Event Management. His major is focused on the entertainment and sports industries and from this he has learned a lot with regards to putting on shows/events, setting up meetings, knowledge of restaurants, etc. He came here knowing that he wanted to be involved with the Music industry and from the experience gained in Artist promotion, he now knows he wants to focus on management. We wish Jon the best in his future endeavors, as he ventures back to New York to join the working world!

  1. The first CD I ever bought was: Jay-Z: Reasonable Doubt
  2. The artist I admire the most is:Dr. Dre
  3. I’m hoping this experience at MAE will: Teach me more about the music industry and open my eyes to new artists and music
  4. My dream vacation would be: A cruise around Europe with my 6 best friends
  5. One album I could listen to constantly is: The Chronic 2001 by Dr. Dre
  6. On my iPod you will find: Everything from Hip Hop, House, Ska, Reggae, Punk Rock and Country
  7. My ideal job would be: Music Producer
  8. When I’m not interning at MAE you can find me: At Johnson and Wales University or working on my music at home
  9. My guilty pleasure song is: “All I Want For Christmas” Mariah Carey
  10. 3 words that describe me are: talented, outgoing and motivated

IOTW opinion!

Hillary Gove: “We Are the World” – Untouchable?

If you happened to watch the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics then you most likely caught the premiere of the remake of “We Are the World”. While some think that re-recording the 25 year old hit was the right idea with the right outcome, many think that it should have been left alone – or as Jay-Z put it, the original is simply “untouchable.”

I will admit that when I saw the video for the first time I thought the song had been completely butchered and absolutely agreed that the original should not have been touched. If you have ever listened to or have seen the original “We Are the Word”, what you hear and see are music legends and icons throughout the 7 minute video. So to say I was slightly disappointed and confused to see none other than Justin Bieber opening such an important song would be an understatement. I continued to watch uncomfortably as Miley Cyrus belted out a solo within seconds of a clear shot of Gladys Knight only singing in the chorus. The whole concept just seemed wrong.

However, after replaying the video a few times and really taking into account why it was re-recorded, I realized that the choice of participants was brilliant – they captured all ends of the spectrum, from newcomer Justin Bieber, to hip-hop sensations Lil’ Wayne and Snoop, to music legend Tony Bennett. We’re in a new generation of music and in order to appeal to all ages and a variety of genres, new approaches were necessary to ensure this project would be as successful as the original – hopefully raising a significant amount of money for Haiti. This was by far the best way to approach the challenge of even slightly measuring up to the success of the original version.

I definitely agree that there are some songs that have had an incredible impact, not only in the industry but also in society, and should not be touched, as nothing will ever compare to the original. Artistically and musically, WATW is certainly one of these songs, but for the purpose behind re-recording this song, I believe this was in fact the best outcome.

Hear From MAE Interns!

Zenova King: What’s Next?

This spring I’m interning with Mass Appeal Entertainment for a second time and I love it. I’m also interning for Hot 97 Boston, doing my best to learn as much as possible. With three months left before graduation I’m torn with mixed emotions. Excited and nervous about what my future has in store for me. Will I move back to the Bronx? Reside in Boston or take the leap to Los Angeles. Questions I haven’t answered but thought long about. I’ve learned to cope with the notion that all my plans might not follow through but I will do my best to make sure I make things happen for myself.

May 9th, 2010- graduation date

First Listen – new track from Bleek!!

This is the first single off Memphis Bleek’s forthcoming album “The Process”! We hope you like the track! It has an awesome new school/old school feel… Enjoy!! Leave comments and share if you like it!

MAE’s second Intern of the Week!

Mass Appeal Entertainment’s
Intern of the Week:

Austin Bryant

Austin Bryant has become more than just a new media marketing intern here at MAE. His duties beyond brainstorming and finding the best bargains on download cards now also include Director of Mass Appeal TV. He really knows how to bring out the best of people and has been known to be somewhat of a heartbreaker! He’s a good listener, he puts his best foot forward, and we have been blessed with his presence! Please become a fan of Austin’s Band ‘Beneath The Sheets’ on Facebook and purchase their new album “Go Easy… It’s My First” On iTunes


  1. On my iPod you will find: John Legend, Them Crooked Vultures, Jay-Z, Damien Marley, Ben Harper, Between The Buried & Me, Fall Out Boy, Brad Mehldau and everything in between.
  2. My first concert ever was: Oz fest 98 baby!
  3. The best part of interning at MAE is: The hands on experiences and the ability to adapt the tasks to each individual’s interests.
  4. My dream job would be: Getting Beneath The Sheets on the road or….. owning my own dream company.
  5. One song I will never get sick of is: Babe I’m Gonna Leave You – Led Zeppelin!
  6. My ringtone is currently:Marimba sounds stock on my Iphone! Hey it’s new!
  7. 3 artists I would like to have drinks with: Ben Harper, John Legend, and Fergie.
  8. If I could follow one tour it would be: Dave Matthews Band
  9. The song that describes my life in 2009 is: Communication Breakdown- Zeppelin
  10. 3 words that describe me are: Passionate, Motivated, and result-oriented.

Meet our latest Intern of the week!

Mass Appeal Entertainment’s
Intern of the Week:

Carrie Klestinec

Carrie Klestinec took the traditional yet unexpected route to Mass Appeal Entertainment by sending her resume, cover letter, and branded material via snail mail. Her creative approach, willingness and ability to go above and beyond, along with her attention to detail make her an amazing addition to the team. Carrie brings her NY accent but her warm and open spirit to work every day and we couldn’t be happier to have her! She is not only a contributing member of the team, but a diehard Bleek Fan as well, and for this we love her!

  1. On my iPod you will find: Empire State of Mind – Jay-Z + Alicia Keys, Forever Young – Bob Dylan, My Wish – Rascal Flatts
  2. My first concert ever was: Spice Girls 1995
  3. The best part of interning at MAE is: Would have to be the awesome people you get to learn from and interact with on a daily basis.
  4. My dream job would be: To be an elementary school teacher and help children see their potential as artists.
  5. One song I will never get sick of is: “I believe I Can Fly” R Kelly
  6. My ringtone is currently:the jazz musician instrumental tune
  7. 3 artists I would like to have drinks with: Mary J Blige, Jay Z and Jadakiss
  8. If I could follow one tour it would be: The Roots
  9. The song that describes my life in 2009 is: “If today Was Your Last Day” Nickelback
  10. 3 words that describe me are: Energetic, hard worker and creative

Meet Libbi! MAE’s second INTERN of this week!!

Mass Appeal Entertainment’s
Intern of the Week:

Libbi Lingley

Libbi Lingley is perhaps the most dedicated of all MAE interns. She loves us so much that she actually came back for round 2! Taking on great design management responsibilities, Libbi has really grown while interning at Mass Appeal Entertainment. She has been able to create actual album artwork for 2 international releases, various solicitation sheets which the retailers receive when they are considering putting our albums in their stores and she has created various in-house documents designed to outline the Graphic Design needs of Mass Appeal Entertainment and to log which of these needs have been met vs. what future projects require completion. Libbi offers great turnaround time and excellent customer service and I sincerely hope that she gets a paid position doing what she loves because she will excel wherever she goes!

  1. On my iPod you will find: Deatch Cab for Cutie, Band of Horses, Modest Mouse, Mayday Parade, Owen, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Eye Alaska
  2. My first concert ever was: Crosby, Stills and Nash
  3. The best part of interning at MAE is:Seeing my work printed. It’s pretty exciting when thousands of people are looking at your artwork worldwide
  4. My dream job would be:Collaborating on artwork with some of my favorite artists
  5. One song I will never get sick of is: Saves The Day, “ This is Not An Exit”
  6. My ringtone is currently: Band of Horses “The Funeral”
  7. 3 artists I would like to have drinks with:Ace Enders, Kenny Vasoli and Chris Conley
  8. If I could follow one tour it would be: 10th anniversary tour of New Found Glory and Saves the Day
  9. The song that describes my life in 2009 is: Justin Bieber “One Time”… haha just kidding! My iTunes most played song is Band of Horses “The Great Salt Lake” – so I guess that one
  10. 3 words that describe me are: Fun, energetic, hard working

Meet the latest intern MAE is highlighting this week!

Mass Appeal Entertainment’s
Intern of the Week:

Natasha Arguete

Natasha Arguete is a worldly young woman currently attending Berklee College of Music. She speaks 5 languages and her voice travels quite far, as Natasha is Turkish but grew up in Mexico City. She is a little crazier than “normal” people and will either have the entire office laughing or she is laughing enough for the entire office. Generally speaking, her enthusiasm is unparalleled and she is so positive about life, that she was a gift herself for Halloween this year! You must beware of the sneaky side to Natasha who likes to take candid photos of the other team members and post them on Facebook!

  1. On my iPod you will find: Lady GaGa, Paramore, Muse, Norah Jones, Anita O’Day, John Mayer, Alicia Keys, Aerosmith, Juan Luis Guerra, Alejandro Sanz, etc…
  2. My first concert ever was: Mana (a Mexican rock band)
  3. The best part of interning at MAE is: team work!!
  4. My dream job would be:International tour manager!!!
  5. One song I will never get sick of is: Alejandro Sanz “Corazon Partido”
  6. My ringtone is currently: old phone ring already existing on my iPhone
  7. 3 artists I would like to have drinks with:Lenny Kravitz, Justin Timberlake, Madonna
  8. If I could follow one tour it would be: any MJ tour
  9. The song that describes my life in 2009 is: Muse “Supermassive Blackhole” or any Lady Gaga for the second half of the year
  10. 3 words that describe me are: Funny, loyal, caring

Mixtape Monday!

It’s Mixtape Monday with Bleek!!

Click the link below to check out this week’s mixtape
“IMI The Mixtape Vol. 1” Hosted by DJ Don!!

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