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Hello World!

Hey!! Because I am blessed with the honor of popping the cherry of the Mass Appeal Entertainment (Dre Robinson, Ryan Toby, Lisa Lisa, Suzanna Lubrano, Javier, and a forthcoming Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes Album) blogging discourse, I figured it would be appropriate to write a first post about the kinds of visual and audio pleasure that will be passing through your consciousness as you navigate this live body of cyber journalism.

You will be browsing through very loose and free-flowing blurbs on whatever is on the minds of the vibrant members of Mass Appeal Entertainment community. Read about how our interns feel about our newest artists, albums and promotional events. Find out about cutting edge projects brewing within the label, and how we’re devising the best ways to connect you, the reader, with our music. You will come across anything from a narrative about something ludicrous that occurred during our workday, to a rant about the doomed music industry, to a vociferous shout-out to a super-fly, new hip-hop talent.

In the latter case, the post does not have to end with what you read on the blog site. Click on the link to our Podcast and you’ll be taken to our audio universe, where you will be able to listen to songs and artists referenced in our blog. There, you will also find recorded interviews with artists, producers and interns as well as recorded, spoken blog entries.

Pretty much anything goes in the Mass Appeal Entertainment Blogosphere. Don’t be afraid to post comments on entries and engage in live discussion with our bloggers through our Meebo widget. Propose your own topics and submit questions to our artists. Find out about what’s going on in this independent urban label in Boston, Massachusetts from inside our first-class recording studio to within our brainstorming headquarters. The things you read will BLOW YOUR MIND…