IOTW – Jon Dym

Mass Appeal Entertainment’s
Intern of the Week:

Jon Dym

Jon comes to Mass Appeal via JWU where he is studying for his Masters in Sports, Entertainment, and Event Management. His major is focused on the entertainment and sports industries and from this he has learned a lot with regards to putting on shows/events, setting up meetings, knowledge of restaurants, etc. He came here knowing that he wanted to be involved with the Music industry and from the experience gained in Artist promotion, he now knows he wants to focus on management. We wish Jon the best in his future endeavors, as he ventures back to New York to join the working world!

  1. The first CD I ever bought was: Jay-Z: Reasonable Doubt
  2. The artist I admire the most is:Dr. Dre
  3. I’m hoping this experience at MAE will: Teach me more about the music industry and open my eyes to new artists and music
  4. My dream vacation would be: A cruise around Europe with my 6 best friends
  5. One album I could listen to constantly is: The Chronic 2001 by Dr. Dre
  6. On my iPod you will find: Everything from Hip Hop, House, Ska, Reggae, Punk Rock and Country
  7. My ideal job would be: Music Producer
  8. When I’m not interning at MAE you can find me: At Johnson and Wales University or working on my music at home
  9. My guilty pleasure song is: “All I Want For Christmas” Mariah Carey
  10. 3 words that describe me are: talented, outgoing and motivated

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