In The Mix… With Mass Appeal

Lifestyle (līf′stīl′): noun
The way a person lives.

Entertainment (ent′ər tān′ mənt): noun
Consists of any activity which provides a diversion or permits people to amuse themselves in their leisure time.

Generally speaking, our Lifestyle is determined by the way we choose to spend our time and is afforded by how we obtain our livelihood. Entertainment for any individual is a matter of choice since there are endless options in the world for active or passive ways to enjoy our time. Lifestyle and Entertainment are the reasons we work and passion is what drives most of us. What you are passionate about and what you enjoy ultimately help to determine your happiness.

Music, Fashion, Art, Food, Travel… Life. We all have ideas about what’s hot and what’s next. This is an outlet for the folks at Mass Appeal to share experiences and ideas with new and upcoming outlets for Entertainment and elements that might add joy to anyone’s life. Stay tuned as we bring you new forms of Entertainment and elements that we believe will add quality to your Lifestyle. Just know whatever we introduce you to will be certified with Mass Appeal….

If you enjoy a post, follow the links. If you have a response please share your thoughts. Let us know what you’re listening to, what you’re wearing, dope venues and concerts you’ve been to, and/or art that blows you away! Who knows, your fly by night idea could turn into the next big thing!

Post #1: HDR Photography Posted by Rochelle Goldsmith on 3/8/10

Post #2: Cancun, Mexico Posted by Jonathan Dym, Edited and Coded by Rochelle Goldsmith on 4/1/10

Post #3: Th(ink) About This… Posted by Zack Trahan 4/22/10


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