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Industry Question: Record Labels vs. The Radio

There’s been a lot of hype surrounding the Performance Right’s Act and ruling for radio stations to pay performance royalties to record labels. MAE wants to know what you think!

Should radio stations have to pay record labels to play music? Is it fair to implement this law given the longstanding tradition of not having to pay performance royalties for the use of masters? Are record labels right in demanding compensation for the use of their tracks? Is the Performance Rights Act just another money making scheme being implemented to offset poor record sales or have radio stations just been stingy in compensating artists? Is the claim that radio stations provide promotion to artists and thus shouldn’t have to pay for their songs legitimate? Should there be a trade-off between promotion and royalties?

Who’s side are you on? Let us know!

For more information on the Performance Rights Act its related issues check out our blog post below!



Industry Question: Favorite Music Experience

We all love music, that’s why we’re here… either at MAE or reading this blog/question as a fan…. Personally, music is good EVERYWHERE… in the car, at home in any room, in the sunshine, in the rain, morning, noon, or night… in the headphones at the gym, walking the streets of your favorite city…. and yes, at a LIVE event indoors, outdoors, track show or full band…. We are asking you today—

What’s your favorite way or place to listen to music? Do you get hooked at a concert then buy the album or is the other way around? Are you an internet streamer? Do you like the Radio? College Radio? Satellite Radio? What really does it for you? Please enlighten us by sharing your favorite music experience!

Memphis Bleek Requests

‘Still Ill’ is the first official single from Memphis Bleek’s forthcoming album “The Process”. This refreshing New York Hiphop track is produced by Canei Finch (T.I. “Live Your Life”, Maino “All The Above”, etc…) and will be available world-wide on 2/23/10.

For Video, Phone, or In-Person Interview Requests please send an email to Please put your request type in the subject line.

If you are a Radio, Mixtape, and/or Club DJ and have requests for Clean, Dirty, and Instrumentals, please send an email to Please be sure to include your website link(s) in the email, as MP3’s are only being sent to DJ’s at this time.

Still Ill (Explicit)

Still Ill (Radio Edit)

Memphis Bleek Online: