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Suzanna Lubrano’s Festa Mascarado… AVAILABLE on 8.11.09!!

It is finally time! We have been waiting for a while to introduce Suzanna Lubrano to world music fans in the United States and her new album, Festa Mascarado is now available! Please see below for more info on the album, as well as the image link below to purchase Festa Mascarado on iTunes!
On August 11, 2009 Mass Appeal Entertainment will release Suzanna Lubrano’s Festa Mascarado (Masquerade Ball). Suzanna Lubrano is one of the most celebrated Cape Verdean female artists of all time and will now be demanding global attention with her first cross-over album. This is Suzanna’s fifth album and her first U.S. release. It comes as a double disc set featuring an alternate version of Saida, which was previously released overseas. Suzanna’s strong melodic voice and empowering messages of love and hope have already made her a platinum and gold selling artist outside of the United States.

Festa Mascarado features many Zouk and R&B-style tracks that people have come to love and expect from Suzanna. The first single, also titled Festa Mascarado, is inspired by Suzanna’s intrigue over a man at a masquerade ball. Love, friendships, and relationships represent the overall theme of the album. Additionally, the alternate version of Saida contains tracks that range from Sexy Cape Verdean Zouk Love, to more traditional Cape Verdean Batuku, as well as delicate English R&B ballads.

Festa Mascarado and Saida contain collaborations with a wide range of composers, musicians, and rappers from around the world. Most tracks are sung in Suzanna’s native Cape Verdean Creole, and some Spanish, French, and English language tracks are also included. Festa Mascarado has evolved into a unique album, seamlessly weaving diverse influences with its Mainstream-Pop spirit. Zouk, Hip-Hop, R&B, and traditional Cape Verdean music styles fuse into a sound Suzanna can truly call her own. Suzanna is responsible for most vocal melodies and lyrics of the Cape Verdean tracks and, in some cases, completely composed and wrote the entire song.

Most of the songs on Festa Mascarado were recorded at Blue Jay Recording Studio in Massachusetts, United States. This is a world-class recording studio where artists like Aerosmith, Carly Simon, Boston, Alice Cooper, Roy Orbison, and Billy Joel have recorded. More recently, it has welcomed big names like Rihanna, Nicole Scherzinger (Pussycat Dolls), Pink, and Lauryn Hill. Other songs were recorded in Studio Latitude, Paris; Rocktown Studio, Rotterdam, Netherlands; Studio Relief, Switzerland; Northbank Studio, Rotterdam, Netherlands; and Sound Vision Studio Arnhem, Netherlands.

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Hello World!

Hey!! Because I am blessed with the honor of popping the cherry of the Mass Appeal Entertainment (Dre Robinson, Ryan Toby, Lisa Lisa, Suzanna Lubrano, Javier, and a forthcoming Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes Album) blogging discourse, I figured it would be appropriate to write a first post about the kinds of visual and audio pleasure that will be passing through your consciousness as you navigate this live body of cyber journalism.

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