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It’s Automatic: Mr. Smilez New Single

Very far south of Boston (where it’s warm in December) in Orlando… Mr. Smilez (of Smilez and Southstar) and producer Dakari (of *NSYNC fame) put together a new single, “Automatic.”  Back here, Mass Appeal CEO Marcus “DL” Siskind heard it and liked the track so much he decided to put Mass Appeal behind promoting it…

(One Month Later)
I’ve been on the project for a few weeks and it’s really getting hot. The song itself is best described as a catchy, tight, mind-blowing club-banger. Almost like “Low” (by Flo Rida) except more intense, catchier, and better. I heard a rumor that T-Pain said he, “wished he was more involved in this track like he was with that other song…” Of course that could have been my computer talking to me (it does that).

Basically, this track really gets stuck in your head. When I first heard “Automatic”, I listened to it 8 times in a row, or 83 (depending on who you ask).  It’s addictive.

We’ve done a lot to get “Automatic” out there, sending out countless messages to Myspace and Facebook friends, commenting on tons of youtube videos, and getting in touch with many bloggers (and that is just the tip of the iceberg). The song has really caught on—we’ve counted that over 53,000 people have heard the song (since we’ve started promoting it).

Luckily for me, somebody took a picture of 53,000 people listening to “Automatic” at one of Mr. Smilez’s recent parties.

“Automatic” Listening Party- 52,999 Amazed Fans, 1 Ashamed T-Pain

“Automatic” Listening Party- 52,999 Amazed Fans, 1 Ashamed T-Pain

We’re just starting to officially give away the song. Here’s a link to the dirty version:
And if you want to see some of Mr. Smilez, here’s the music video:
Hey… while you’re at it, why don’t you check out his youtube channel, myspace, and Facebook?