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New Left Eye Ringtones!!

Attention Left Eye Fans!

Firstly, if you haven’t snagged Left Eye’s latest… you need to remedy that here.

For the rest of you: Have you already purchased Eye Legacy, but find yourself still hungering for more Left Eye? It’s a common ailment for those die-hard fans out there, but, lucky for you, I’ve got the cure: Ringtones. Your cell is the next place to go when those headphones and stereos fail to fill your ears to Left-Eye-Capacity. Click any one of these awesomely badass banners to get your new ringtones now!

What? Not sold yet? Well, let me give you just one example of the many benefits you will enjoy after purchasing one of these ringtones:

Picture yourself taking the bus home when suddenly your phone rings, blasting your newly purchased Eye Legacy Single Ringtone for all to hear…*

Person of your Dreams: “Excuse me, but that song kicks ass… who’s it by?”

You: “Oh, it’s a new song off of Left Eye’s latest album, Eye Legacy”

Person of your Dreams: “Wow. This is a great ice breaker. Want to go out to dinner?”

You: “Yes. Yes I do.”


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Web Design Internship

Web Design Internship
Intern will be responsible for the development and design of Mass Appeal Entertainment’s Official Website. All content will be provided, along with a detailed outline of desired and necessary elements. This website will be promoted heavily across a variety of social networking sites, artist websites, and is a great addition to an enthusiastic student or career changing individual’s portfolio!
It will be important to integrate all aspects of Mass Appeal content, including Audio and Visual capabilities, preferably with interactive features. We are looking to create a site that is visually appealing, fully functional, and accessible via a mobile device. Flash is not necessary. We would like to incorporate the graphic design and video aspects of Mass Appeal’s documentation into our web design projects.
The intern will receive credit for his/her experience, as well as, portfolio and resume enhancement. The Web Designer will work closely with Graphic Designers and Management to display the content provided by Mass Appeal Entertainment.
Qualifications for this position include:
• Prior web design experience
• Passion and strong interest in web design is necessary
• HTML/Web Editing Software/Photoshop/Dreamweaver knowledge required
• Flash Knowledge appreciated but not required
• Willing to discuss equipment and program needs for this position.
• An excellent understanding of (and experience in) branding: including what branding means and its importance to the recognition, credibility, and quality of an artist’s product.
• Ability to produce fully functional results in a timely manner.
• Must be comfortable working in a team setting with regards to accepting responsibility and an outstanding capacity to pay attention to detail.

Compensation Information:
The actual internship is unpaid.

About Mass Appeal Entertainment
Mass Appeal Entertainment is owned and operated by Producer/CEO Marcus “DL” Siskind (Backstreet Boys, Lauryn Hill, Queen Latifah, etc…). Mass Appeal Entertainment is a Boston, MA based company with a multitude of artists currently signed from various musical genres. In June 2008, Mass Appeal Entertainment entered into an exclusive, multi-year venture with E1 (Formerly KOCH) Entertainment. E1 (Formerly KOCH) Entertainment has the largest number of billboard-charting titles in the independent sector, and are the leading and fastest growing independent music company in the United States.

Mass Appeal Entertainment also has divisions in Publishing and Production, including Mass Appeal Music Publishing and Shakertown Music, a joint venture with Sony/ATV Publishing. The Production entity has a full staff of producers and writers, creating music and songs for a variety of Major and Independent Artists, Films, TV, and Commercials. Mass Appeal Entertainment also has a division in Recording. Blue Jay Recording in Carlisle, MA is a world class recording studio (

Following the Winter release of “Eye Legacy” from the late great Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, as well as previous projects from Young Buck and the Save The Last Dance 2 Soundtrack, Mass Appeal is gearing up for other forthcoming, highly-anticipated albums by artists such as the legendary Lisa Lisa (from Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam), Singer/Songwriter Ryan Toby (formerly of City High), and Cape Verdean Singer Suzanna Lubrano.
Application Process
To apply for this Web Design internship with Mass Appeal Entertainment, please send a resume with portfolio (including at least one URL for a site that shows your editing, developing, or design skills), and a cover letter to Rochelle Goldsmith. Once you email your material, we will schedule you for an interview (either individually or in a group) – we will then call you once we make a decision. This is a great internship in a competitive industry so we must be firm in our selection process. However we do invite anyone who is seriously interested to put their best foot forward and apply!

The cover letter should include the following:
What are your career goals and how would this internship help you achieve them?
What do you hope to gain from this internship?
What kind of coursework and/or experience do you have that would make you a valuable intern?
In what areas are you most interested in attaining experience through this internship?

Final Words
Our goal is to create a position for you in which both sides benefit equally from your time. We are confident that with hard work and professionalism you will find this internship to be useful. If at any time you feel there is something we could do differently to better our internship program, please let us know. And remember, have fun!!!


Rochelle Goldsmith
(646) 290-8256

Single Purchase LINKS!!!

Lisa Lisa’s ’80’s Hair Blast’ Photo Contest

Congratulations to Shannon!! It was a close call with everyone’s rockin’ 80’s hairstyle, but Lisa Lisa chose Shannon and her mile high 80’s hair!! Shannon accompanied Lisa Lisa’s July 27th show at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, FL!!

The first Lisa Lisa 80’s contest was a hit!! Get out the Aquanet, sweatbands, banana clips & more for

Lisa Lisa’s 80’s Hair Blast Photo Contest

Rock those 80’s Hairstyles for your chance to WIN one pair (2 tickets) to the June 27th Lisa Lisa concert in


Lisa Lisa will choose the fan that has the most rockin’ 80’s hairstyle on June 24th! Entries must be received no later than 3PM EST on June 24, 2009. The winner with the greatest 80’s hairstyle will be announced on June 24 at 6PM EST.

Check out the blog on MySpace for contest updates and find out how YOU can win! Click the image below for a direct link to Lisa Lisa’s MySpace blog.