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A Week With Mass Appeal!!

This Week At Mass Appeal Entertainment!!

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Its Feedback Friday everybody! Mass Appeal Entertainment and Memphis Bleek wanna know, what’s your favorite Bleek lyric? #speaktobleek on Twitter!

Throw Back Thursday

Memphis Bleek
Memphis Bleek “My Hood To Your Hood” ft Beanie Sigel by Memphis Bleek

Memphis Bleek “N.O.W.” ft Da Ranjahz by Memphis Bleek

Memphis Bleek “We Get Low” by Memphis Bleek

80’s Fashion Flare!!!Lisa Lisa Contest Deadline Is 10.19!
Are you a Lisa Lisa fan living in Phoenix? Click here to win tickets for the concert!!
Mixtape Monday With Bleek!

Click the link to check out the Feed the Streets Part 3 mixtape“Pain in Da Ass”


Be sure to submit your 32-bars to our Rap Contest! Rules can be found on Bleek’s Facebook or Myspace pages!


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Busy Week at MAE! Hello Friday

Mass Appeal Entertainment

Mass Appeal Entertainment now has a radio station on the iPhone App: Radiolicious! Be sure to check it out and listen to our catalog while you are on the go!

Feedback Friday! We want to hear what you got to say, so submit your 32-bars to our rap contest!! Rules found on Facebook or Myspace!

Lisa Lisa

Congratulations to Lisa Lisa contest winner Lisa Villanueva! Enjoy Lisa’s new album “Life and Love”, the autographed pictures, and the concert!

Suzanna Lubrano

Check out Suzanna’s incredible performance in The Hague from July 2009!

Memphis Bleek
Memphis Bleek Interview w/ Tim Westwood

Click below to check out Memphis Bleek’s Reverbnation page and take the time to listen to tracks that have been added from two of his previous albums “534”, “M.A.D.E.”, and “The Understanding”!

This weeks Throwback Thursday Tracks were……
Memphis Bleek “I Wanna Love U” feat Donell Jones by Memphis Bleek

Memphis Bleek “Oh Baby” feat Young Gunz by Memphis Bleek

<img src=" Memphis Bleek “Infatuated” feat Boxie by Memphis Bleek

Let’s Recap Mixtape Monday! Memphis Bleek! This round hosted by DJ Green Lantern “Feed the Streets Part 2” – check it out!

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