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There is a medieval belief that mystics spent their lives on a quest to find the “elixir of life”, a concoction that was believed to contain a recipe for the renewal of youth. It was believed that those who drank this elixir would be granted eternal life and youth. In 2008, Kyle Poissonnier took this belief to a new level when he founded his clothing line. You may have never heard of it, which is why I’m excited to help you get familiar with the story of and incredible talent behind Elykssor Clothing.

Development of Elykssor
Obtaining its name from the belief in the ‘elixir of life’, Elykssor Clothing was founded in 2008 by Kyle Poissonnier. While the idea began as a project for his senior Entrepreneur class at Husson University, he quickly realized that there was potential for success behind it. With 2008 being his start-up year, by 2009 Kyle had gained two equally enthusiastic business partners – Matthew and Steven Stern.

“We all wanted to come together and work three times as hard to get the brand to where we wanted it,” said Kyle. Together they have developed Elykssor into a lifestyle brand, one that is meant to target those who are driven by inner ambition, the quest for success, and essentially those looking to ‘Prolong Life’ – which has become the Brand’s slogan.

The first step in the trio’s business endeavor was redesigning the Brand, which included new logos, script writing and updating the overall Elykssor image. Like any start-up company, the team got their Brand name out there by using all of their contacts through print, web, and word of mouth. “As time went on we became walking spokesmen for our brand,” said Kyle. I can personally attest for their marketing efforts via social media, as Elykssor often takes over my Facebook newsfeed on a weekly basis!

Elykssor Hits NYC
With the partnership showing early signs of success, Elykssor had its first event in New York City on May 9, 2009. The event drew in around 200 guests, including multiple artists, professional athletes as well as shoe designers Shane and Shawn Ward. Selling their designs at the event, the guys raised enough money to help continue with the next step in the growth of the Brand.

(The faces behind Elykssor:
Left – Right: Matthew Stern, Kyle Poissonnier, Steven Stern)

Kyle explained,“After the event we decided it was time for a big time website and a whole new look that says ‘we’re different’”. With the majority of sales coming from the website, it was imperative to nail it. The website launched in December 2009 and was a huge success for Elykssor, with the initial blast sent out to over 20,000 people. Today the site averages roughly 300-400 hits daily.

Elykssor in the Media
Elykssor has also gained crucial attention from some top media outlets. They have appeared on blogs, including StyleInterviews, PM-Live andFashion Makes Me Horny. The team has taken full advantage of this, even providing ad campaign previews for the public. As their success continues to grow, it is pretty safe to say that we’ll be seeing more of Elykssor within the realm of fashion media.

Published July 2009

Published November 2009

Published July 2009

The Look of Elykssor
The Elykssor team has worked with designers all over the country to put together some amazing and unique styles. Below are the top-selling pieces from both the Men’s and Women’s collections.

Gotta Stay Fly Remix (Men’s)
Working closely with an artist from Portland, Maine, the ‘Gotta Stay Fly Remix’ shirt was one of the first designs that was redesigned in 2009, by adding more graffiti and slightly changing the fabrics. Due to the colors and overall unique concept, this shirt has become one of the most popular.


Above all the Rest (Men’s)
Keeping with the design of the ‘Gotta Stay Fly’ shirt on the back, ‘Above all the Rest’ has the Prolong Life, slogan across the front – making this form-fitting, v-neck style another top seller.


The Progression (Women’s)
A consumer favorite, ‘The Progression’ offers a highly noticeable look with the gold foil. Kyle said, “Every girl who has purchased this shirt loves it and wants it in multiple colors.” However, this shirt is only, and will only, be featured in black.


The Signature (Women’s)
A form fitting shirt, ‘The Signature’ is another Elykssor favorite. It is slightly longer, with scripts on the side and double foil going up the sides.


Elykssor Gives Back
In addition to running their business, Matthew, Kyle and Steven have chosen to actively commit to assisting with fundraising for the Michael J. Fox Research Fondation for Parkinson’s Research
by donating 5% of their sales and 20% of their fundraising proceeds. The disease has had a direct impact on the Elykssor family, which has encouraged the team to help provide funding for a research program to help cure this disease that more than 1 million Americans are living with.

What’s Next for Elykssor?
While the custom shirts are the only items currently available for retail, Elykssor is in the process of expanding into a full custom clothing line, which will include a 16-piece Men’s and Women’s collection. However, for those of you already obsessed with the custom shirts, you will definitely be seeing more in the future. “We will always feature one or two custom T-shirts because that is where our roots are, and we always want to stay true to what we started with,” said Kyle.

As the Elykssor team looks ahead to their next event in the summer, it is clear to me that the hard work and determination behind this Brand is what will launch them further into and keep them on the mainstream fashion scene. I believe that with their unique styles and general idea behind the Brand, these three guys will stand out above many others in this competitive industry. It is highly suggested that you keep your eyes open for what Elykssor will produce next!

***Don’t forget to connect with Elykssor Clothing to get all of the latest news on what’s happening now and where they’re headed!***

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If you have a passion for, already have or are looking to start your own Indie clothing line, below are a few blog sites that I think are definitely worth noticing. They could be more than helpful to you -take a minute and check them out!

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Check out UsTrendy, which as been dubbed a “safe haven for Indie fashion lovers and designers”. A fashion community that supports up-and-coming fashion designers, the site is currently home to thousands of designers and their work.

The sites listed below also offer so much great information and insight into the world of Indie fashion!

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Industry Question

With no limit for innovation, will technology replace DJs?

Club DJ’s are part magician, part travel agent. It’s their job to create an atmosphere, to keep the night and the mood flowing, to take the audience on a journey from one hour to the next. And it must be done seamlessly, for if the audience can tell when one track ends and other begins, the DJ isn’t doing his job properly.

– As written for Clinton Sparks (Purchase Clinton’s new single, “Favorite DJ” HERE)

Clinton Sparks releases “Favorite DJ” featuring Jermaine Dupri and DJ Class!!

Get Familiar with the new single from Clinton Sparks! “Favorite DJ” is the official DJ anthem for the DJ and by the DJ, featuring Jermaine Dupri and DJ Class. Produced by Clinton Sparks and DJ Snake. “Favorite DJ” is dedicated to representing the DJ, taking DJ culture to the next level and continuing the tradition set by many other DJ’s past and present who’ve shown the world that DJ’s can do more than just play and break the hits, they can make the hits, Get Familiar! Who’s your Favorite DJ?

“Favorite DJ” is now available for purchase in Clinton’s Store as well as on iTunes and, please support so that we can continue to bring you the best quality music possible!

Purchase the BUNDLE here! It comes with the Explicit, Clean, and Instrumental versions of “Favorite DJ”, as well as a more inclusive Artwork package!

Clinton Sparks: “Favorite DJ”
Featuring: DJ Class and Jermaine Dupri
Produced By: Clinton Sparks, DJ Snake and Kamau Georges
Written By: Clinton Sparks, DJ Class and Jermaine Dupri
Recorded and Mixed By: Kamau Georges, Marcus ‘DL’ Siskind and James Zaner at Blue Jay Recording, Carlisle, MA
Mastered By: Anthony Dawsey

B l o g

F a c e b o o k :

T w i t t e r :

M y s p a c e :

JD: Get, get, get, get, get your ass on the dance floor
Clinton Sparks: (Jermaine Dupri)

JD: Get, get, get, get, get your ass on the dance floor
Clinton Sparks: (DJ Class)

JD: Get, get, get, get, get your ass to the dance floor
Clinton Sparks: (and I go by the name of Clinton Sparks)

JD: Get, get, get, get, get your ass on the dance floor
Clinton Sparks: (and tonight, I’M GONNA BE YOUR FAVORITE DJ)

How could anybody say that dey the shit like I be
Bring the club to life like I done gave the crowd an IV
I P, not me, anywhere I go they follow me
Moet straight from the bottle while I hook up my Serato
Then I say check, One, Two
Need more than one fly girl, gimme two
All of yawl together huh? Bring your whole crew
Tryin’ to fit you all in the DJ booth
Sip on something eighty proof
Get these sexy ladies loose
Tear the club up raise the roof
Then link up wit me like Bluetooth

Lemme see you hit the floor (c’mon)
I know that your wit it
Till ya body soaked
Girl you know you can get it
I’m gonna play for you tonight like it’s your birthday
Tonight I’m gonna be you’re FAVORITE DJ

(Lemme hear you say)
Go, go, say GO DJ
(Lemme hear you say)
Go, goooo, say GO DJ
(Lemme hear you say)
Go, goooo, say GO DJ
Tonight I’m gonna be your Favorite DJaaaaaaay (that’s me)
Ay, Ay, Deee Jaaay
Ay, Ay, Deee Jaaay
Ay, Ay, Deee Jaaay
Ay, Ay, Ay

One, Two – One, Two
In the place to be, I go by the name of Jermaine Dupri

First I let everybody know who I am
Den I drop the hottest jam
Den I watch this bitch go crazy, where I’m from we call it ham (atl)
Then I hit the roll call
Just to get to know ya’ll
Then I take a sip a what I’m drinking just to show ya’ll (circoc baby)
Why the club keep callin’ me back
Why the dance floor so damn packed
Why when he play the same thing; I play; his shit just don’t sound
Like that (uh, uuh)
Or this (nope)
Just like the homie Class girlfriend, I’m The Shit
That, or this, it’s amazing what I can getchu ta do wit the flick of my wrist

Lemme see you hit the floor (oh)
I know that your wit it (yup)
Till ya body soaked (uh huh)
Girl you know you can get it (yup)
I’m gonna play for you tonight like it’s your birthday (c’mon)
Tonight I’m gonna be you’re FAVORITE DJ

(Lemme hear you say)
Go, go, say GO DJ
(Lemme hear you say)
Go, goooo, say GO DJ
(Lemme hear you say)
Go, goooo, say GO DJ (ya heard)
Tonight I’m gonna be your Favorite DJaaaaaaay (always)
Ay, Ay, Deee Jaaay (that’s me)
Ay, Ay, Deee Jaaay (that’s me)
Ay, Ay, Deee Jaaay (that’s me)
Ay, Ay, Ay

Now let’s go
JD, Clinton Sparks and Class wanna see ya shake dat ass (Get on the floor and Break it down)
JD, Clinton Sparks and Class wanna see ya move dat ass (Get on the floor, Break it down)
JD, Clinton Sparks and Class wanna see ya shake dat ass (Get on the floor and Break it down)
JD, Clinton Sparks and Class wanna see ya move dat ass (Break it down, down, down)

Lemme see you hit the floor
I know that your wit it
Till ya body soaked
Girl you know you can get it
I’m gonna play for you tonight like it’s your birthday
Tonight I’m gonna be you’re FAVORITE DJ

(Lemme hear you say)
Go, go, say GO DJ
(Lemme hear you say)
Go, goooo, say GO DJ
(Lemme hear you say)
Go, goooo, say GO DJ
Tonight I’m gonna be your Favorite DJaaaaaaay
Ay, Ay, Deee Jaaay
Ay, Ay, Deee Jaaay
Ay, Ay, Deee Jaaay
Ay, Ay, Ay

IOTW – Jon Dym

Mass Appeal Entertainment’s
Intern of the Week:

Jon Dym

Jon comes to Mass Appeal via JWU where he is studying for his Masters in Sports, Entertainment, and Event Management. His major is focused on the entertainment and sports industries and from this he has learned a lot with regards to putting on shows/events, setting up meetings, knowledge of restaurants, etc. He came here knowing that he wanted to be involved with the Music industry and from the experience gained in Artist promotion, he now knows he wants to focus on management. We wish Jon the best in his future endeavors, as he ventures back to New York to join the working world!

  1. The first CD I ever bought was: Jay-Z: Reasonable Doubt
  2. The artist I admire the most is:Dr. Dre
  3. I’m hoping this experience at MAE will: Teach me more about the music industry and open my eyes to new artists and music
  4. My dream vacation would be: A cruise around Europe with my 6 best friends
  5. One album I could listen to constantly is: The Chronic 2001 by Dr. Dre
  6. On my iPod you will find: Everything from Hip Hop, House, Ska, Reggae, Punk Rock and Country
  7. My ideal job would be: Music Producer
  8. When I’m not interning at MAE you can find me: At Johnson and Wales University or working on my music at home
  9. My guilty pleasure song is: “All I Want For Christmas” Mariah Carey
  10. 3 words that describe me are: talented, outgoing and motivated

Intern of the Week Opinion: LP, EP, IP?

Zack Trahan:

(L)ong (P)layer, (E)xtended (Player), (I)nfinite (P)layer?

As gramophone and vinyl records were developed throughout the 20th century, their play lengths varied between about 5 minutes to 60 minutes based off of the record size, width of the grooves speed of the player, etc.

When Phillips and Sony first developed the compact disc format in the late 1970s, they specifically set its maximum length at 74 minutes to ensure that a single disc could hold all of Beethoven’s 9th symphony.

Now in the age of the mp3, a single audio file can play virtually for ever.

Many artists are left wondering whether to embrace this infinite play time as a new level of artistic freedom or a destruction of one of the defining parameters of modern music making.

In a recent interview with, indie music icon Sufjian Stevens ruminates at what seems to be a “creative crossroads”:

“I feel that the album no longer has a stronghold or has any real bearing anymore. The physical format itself is obsolete; the CD is obsolete and the LP is kinda nostalgic.
I’m wondering, what’s the value of my work once these forms are obsolete and everyone’s just downloading music?”

His attitude may be a bit dismal, but Stevens addresses an important point: How much longer will the 74-minute format govern musical creation?

In The Mix… Th(ink) About This…

Ink. Lots of ink.

Why I’m writing this…

Part of growing up is learning how to express yourself. I grew up with a lot of remarkable artists and musicians, constantly exploring new modes of expression.  Most of us were committed graffiti writers up until the age of 18 when it became a risk to go jail and pay thousands of dollars in fines. Consequently, calculus class with Mr. Irwin became the studio where some of the best art my friends and I produced in high school; drawing full sleeves on our arms with sharpies and pens. Used to having our graffiti taken down, we accepted the impermanence of our work and that in a few shower’s time every intricate design we drew on ourselves would be washed away. On the flipside, there was always a blank canvas to look forward to. Every three days or so we’d have new art on display covering our forearms keeping things fresh and current. Mr. Irwin always commented that we looked like “hoodlums” – I’m sure he never realized that we were writing out stylized interpretations of equations on our arms inspired by his…aridity. (That still remains a sort of bonus chuckle.)

No doubt this is where my fascination with body art developed, but I couldn’t imagine having a piece of my body permanently inked with one piece. My tastes change too often, and I grew fond of the idea that my arms were portable, personal, and most importantly renewable canvases.

It wasn’t until I got to college that I heard through a friend about this new ink that was supposedly removable with the single scan of a laser. My curiosity was piqued and I started researching, interviewed a few tattoo artists and discovered the following. Enjoy!

Information on do-it-yourself body art

Information on all types of body art

Impermanent tattoos: Here to stay?

Ever changed your mind? Ever thought of a better way to say something after you already said it? Or have you ever made a mistake that you just wanted to erase altogether?

Tattoos have been around for about 5,000 years, and perhaps even longer: changes of heart. The young company Freedom-2 has combined these two human traditions by creating a new type of tattoo ink that is designed specifically with future removal in mind – “Infinitink”.

The Back Story

The concept was originally developed at Duke University’s Kenan Plastic Surgery Research Center by Dr. Bruce Klitzman and surgical resident Kim Koger. The surgeons noted that mastectomy patients (patients experiencing partial or full surgical removal of the breasts) often got tattoos to simulate the areolar area around a nipple that was reconstructed from tissue. But as the breast heals, the nipple can shift position, and the patients often end up unhappy about the result. Klitzman realized that perhaps tattooing could be thought of as drawing with a “pencil instead of a pen”…

Meanwhile, another group headed by dermatologist R. Rox Anderson of Harvard Medical School had the same idea, having treated many patients who were dissatisfied with their tattoo removals.

The two groups ended up spending nearly a year in front of a judge disputing patenting rights over an embryotic idea for removable tattoos. Eventually, venture capitalist Craig Drill offered the funding for the two groups to consolidate their efforts, and the company
Freedom-2 was born.

How It Works

Freedom-2 went on to develop what is now called “P2E” technology (Particle Enhancement and Encapsulation). P2E Infinitink consists of tiny “microspheres” (roughly 1 micrometer in diameter) constructed from the same FDA approved polymers utilized in plastic surgery. They encapsulate colored dyes in place of traditional ink pigments. The microspheres also contain a dopant that absorbs a particular wavelength of light, and the right laser can synthesize enough energy to activate the dopant and burst the microsphere. Simply put, the site of the tattoo can be scanned over with a laser that will instantly disperse the microspheres, dyes, and ideally, the tattoo.

More specific information on how it works

Even MORE specific information on how it works

What people like about it:


Infinitink is ostensibly safer than many other tattoo inks on the market. The FDA website warns that though some tattoo inks are approved for cosmetic use, “none are approved for injection under the skin”. Because there have not been any widespread concerns about tattoo safety, the FDA has designated tattoo regulation a lower priority – tattooing, in fact, falls under state and local regulations. Treated like a secret recipe, most if not all ink distributors keep hush about the contents of their ink, free of pressure from health authorities. Some inks have been found to have heavy metals such as lead, iron, and even carcinogens in tattoo ink – ingredients more suitable for automobile paint.

The dye inside the Infinitink microspheres is about as harmful as water-based food coloring. Once shattered by the laser, the nano-sized microsphere fragments are small enough to be disposed of by the body like dead cells or bacteria. The removal process also causes considerably less damage to the skin than traditional tattoo removals.


Infinitink would require only one visit to a removal specialist. This saves lots of time and money, whereas traditional tattoo removals can take several visits and cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars – and a lot of pain.

*Good for Business

Martin Schmieg, CEO of Freedom-2 claims that roughly 25% of people over the age of 18 in the U.S. have tattoos, and another 25% over 18 are considered “fence sitters” – people who would like a tattoo but aren’t entirely confident about the commitment. Schmieg aspires to convert that other 25% to tattoo-getters, virtually doubling the number of tattoos in the U.S.

What people don’t like about it:


Though the removal process costs significantly less than traditional tattoo removal, the ink itself is much more expensive: a tattoo can cost up to five times more than traditional inks.

*Philosophical Concerns

Some tattoo artists feel that Infinitink undermines the tradition of commitment behind getting a permanent tattoo. To many artists, the concept of their art being given the option of “disposable” is hardly enticing, even insulting. Check out this video below to see what artists are saying about Infinitink.

Famed tattoo parlor “Miami Ink” will not allow removable ink


Because Infinitink is such a new product, the only hue that has been approved by the FDA for distribution is black, and very recently a shade of red. “It’s actually harder to use” Says tattoo artist Brenda Wynne, “You can’t use A&D ointment on it, which helps the needle glide through the skin”. According to an informational pamphlet given to Brenda and other tattoo artists by Freedom-2, the tattoo must be worn for a minimum of two years before getting removed. When asked why specifically the ointment can’t be used, or why the tattoo must be on for at least two years, she simply replied “They didn’t tell me”.


Though Infinitink is quite prospective, it still has some proving to do in the field.  Wynne claims to have 2-3 clients per month who specifically request Infinitink. “Not many people know about it yet” says Wynne. Coupled with this lack of exposure, there are still many questions that even artists like Wynne aren’t sure about. If it is going to take two years before clients can start to remove their removable tattoos, it would be inaccurate to say Infinitink has proven itself.

Artist Todd “The Todd” Sorensen cautions: “When you’re getting a tattoo, removable or not, you should consider it a permanent decision.”

Freedom-2 CEO Martin Shmieg sports and de-sports the world's first Infinitink removable tattoo.

I interviewed the owner of Stingray Body Art in Allston, MA by the name of Brenda Wynne who was kind enough to share her thoughts on Infinitink amidst a busy schedule. Here is what she had to say:

MAE: When did you first start using Infinitink?
BW: Sometime last year, I don’t really recall the date but I’d say about a year.
MAE: And has it been popular?
BW: As soon as I put it in my bio (shrugs) yeah.
MAE: For the artist, is it any different to use Infinitink as opposed to traditional inks?
BW: It’s actually harder to use – you can’t use A&D ointment with it, an ointment that helps the needle glide through the skin. They told me not to but I don’t know why, it draws the ink out for some reason. It’s also a little watery, and once you open a container of it you have to use it all, so it would cost [the tattoo-getter] more money because I have to go through a whole bottle of it once it’s open.
MAE: Is this something you would recommend to people?
BW: Yeah I’m for it, but people need to realize it is a lot more expensive. A lot of people get it for their parents, so their parents don’t freak out. I had this one guy start out with Infinitink, getting a huge sleeve and the thing is, sometimes it doesn’t heal the best and you have to go over it again. So I said to him “Look, you’re obviously not going to get this removed, just tell your dad it’s Infinitink and we’ll use real ink or it’s gonna cost you a hell of a lot more and it’s not gonna look as sharp”.
MAE: Do you do removals here?
BW: No we’re working on that, it actually requires a medical device and you have to be a doctor.
MAE: Have you seen what these tattoos look like after they’ve been removed?
BW: No, because it hasn’t been out long enough; you have to wait two years.
MAE: Physiological reasons?
BW: I don’t know, it just said that on the pamphlet they gave me.
MAE: Is this something you would advertise as a way to draw in more clients?
BW: Well you know I use all different kinds of inks that people come here for, like Vegan Ink.
MAE: Vegan ink? What animal products are found in other tattoo inks?
BW: Glycerin, which has gelatin in it.
MAE: Do you think that this is something that is going to blow up and actually become a revolutionary installment to the tattoo industry or is this just a trend?
BW: Nah it’s not gonna blow up. I think it’s gonna be a nice thing to have and to offer people but I don’t think it is going to ‘blow up’. The UV ink is a lot more popular.
MAE: UV ink?
BW: Yeah it glows in the dark! So I could tattoo your whole face and (once it heals) you wouldn’t be able to see anything until you walk under a black light.
MAE: And that has been particularly popular?
BW: Yeah it has been pretty popular, and I just found this stuff [after Infinitink] when I ran out of white and was looking for my white and I found this and was like “Whoa people are gonna love this!” .
MAE: And I’ve heard that the only Infinitink ‘color’ they have available is black?
BW: They came out with a red too but I haven’t gotten it yet. And no matter what, you cannot remove white ink. It just turns black under a laser, and I’m not sure specifically why.
MAE: Sounds like there are still a lot of questions to answer and proving to be done before Infinitink makes any big strides. Thanks for your time!
BW: Thank you!

Here are a couple more related articles on Infinitink I found interesting:

Zack Trahan, April ’10

Introducing…Noel Gourdin

Or…Reintroducing Noel Gourdin

You may have never heard of Noel Gourdin, or it may have been a while since you have heard from him, but for all of you, we have some exciting news to share. First and foremost we hope you will join Noel’s New Mailing List! Noel has recently signed to independent Boston-based Label Mass Appeal Entertainment. Since the signing, Noel has been in the studio recording his new album. The album is not yet titled and if you join the mailing list and follow Noel online, you will receive all of this information as soon as it becomes available!

Sign Up Here

The New Album

The Mass Appeal Entertainment team had the chance to preview some tracks from Noel’s new album, and were all very impressed. He continues to deliver the unique sounds from the soul that fans fell in love with when Noel first hit the music scene. Everybody here at Mass Appeal can’t wait for the day the album is ready to be released.

This album features great production offered by The Heavyweights, Surefire Music Group/Surefire Music Group Official Site, and some amazing Songwriting from Ryan Toby, Kevin Ross, Alvin Garrett, Noel himself, and more.

Noel is scheduled for his album packaging photo shoot in the coming weeks and soon you will get to see the results of this!

Join New Mailing List

Please join the new mailing list and visit Noel’s other websites! Check out these pages to hear songs off Noel’s previous album, view pictures, and receive updates regarding Noel right away. BECOME A FAN!!!

Find Noel Here

Click To Play Music

Industry Question: Record Labels vs. The Radio

There’s been a lot of hype surrounding the Performance Right’s Act and ruling for radio stations to pay performance royalties to record labels. MAE wants to know what you think!

Should radio stations have to pay record labels to play music? Is it fair to implement this law given the longstanding tradition of not having to pay performance royalties for the use of masters? Are record labels right in demanding compensation for the use of their tracks? Is the Performance Rights Act just another money making scheme being implemented to offset poor record sales or have radio stations just been stingy in compensating artists? Is the claim that radio stations provide promotion to artists and thus shouldn’t have to pay for their songs legitimate? Should there be a trade-off between promotion and royalties?

Who’s side are you on? Let us know!

For more information on the Performance Rights Act its related issues check out our blog post below!


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