Industry Question

With no limit for innovation, will technology replace DJs?

Club DJ’s are part magician, part travel agent. It’s their job to create an atmosphere, to keep the night and the mood flowing, to take the audience on a journey from one hour to the next. And it must be done seamlessly, for if the audience can tell when one track ends and other begins, the DJ isn’t doing his job properly.

– As written for Clinton Sparks (Purchase Clinton’s new single, “Favorite DJ” HERE)


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  1. I believe technology can assist or handicap the DJ, but to me, should and could NEVER replace the DJ. I think learning to embrace the technology that makes DJi’ng possible is a beautiful thing, but the DJ still needs to select the music, blend the music, keep it flowing with no breaks, and should always feed off of the crowd and give them that energy right back! When DJ’s rely solely on technology and not their own knowledge of the how things work, they are limited in what they can do and where they will go,

    No matter what you DO, you MUST learn and hone your craft. You must know the ins and outs of the music, the technology, the audience, and be able to blend all of those things. Certainly, technology alone cannot do this and therefore, cannot ever replace the DJ.

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