Intern of the Week!!

Mass Appeal Entertainment’s
Intern of the Week:

Mary Aldrich

Mary Mary quite contrary, how does your Internship go? With fresh ideas and many posts, you are proving how easy it is to steal the show! Mary was in interesting addition to the team since she is studying Business Administration with a Management major and African American Studies minor. She also attends Northeastern University and her efficiency and effectiveness seem to come naturally and we greatly appreciate her here. Mary is an absolute pleasure to have in the office and we are looking forward to seeing what ideas she will bring to the table!

  1. The first CD I ever bought was: Fugees – The Score
  2. The artist I admire the most is:I really admire Wyclef for his work with Haiti especially in light of the recent tragedy there
  3. I’m hoping this experience at MAE will: introduce me to the music industry and provide me with my first work experience in the field.
  4. My dream vacation would be: Relaxing in over-the-water bungalows in Bora Bora
  5. One album I could listen to constantly is: Ready to Die
  6. On my iPod you will find: Diverse mix from hip-hop and R&B to classic rock and soul
  7. My ideal job would be: A&R executive for a successful record label.
  8. When I’m not interning at MAE you can find me: At school or spending time with my family and friends
  9. My guilty pleasure song is: “Blame It” by Jamie Foxx – I think Autotune is best left to Zapp & Roger Troutman usually!
  10. 3 words that describe me are: loyal, driven, and independent.

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  1. Frankie Said:

    hahahaha… you such an amazing person…. you are very much ready to die..? make sure of it…. 😀

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