In The Mix…Cancun, Mexico

Are you a student looking to book a spring break trip? Are you someone that’s taking a trip to Cancun, Mexico and wants some information about it? If so, this article is for you. I recently just spent my spring break in Cancun for the second year in a row and I couldn’t have asked for a better vacation. Cancun showed me a side of nightlife that I had only dreamed of. Here in the United States, most people are familiar with clubs playing hip-hop for most of the night and not much variation of music by the DJ. The DJ’s in Cancun played so many genres of music to really get the crowd going. When I got back from Cancun, I went on a downloading spree of music that I heard being played in the clubs or on the beach. I downloaded all sorts of music from Rock to House, even some Merengue, which before Cancun, I never thought I’d like. Between beautiful beaches, tons of other fun activities, and the premiere club life, Cancun, Mexico is definitely the place to be for spring break.

There are a wide variety of hotels to choose from in Cancun, but if you want to get the true spring break experience that you see on MTV, or in the movies, there is only one hotel that can deliver, and that’s the Oasis Cancun. This hotel is a dreamland for college students. The Oasis is a 24/7 party. That would probably be the best way to describe a stay at the Oasis Cancun during spring break. From the moment you walk on the beach the party starts. There is a stage set up right on the beach equipped with a DJ, loud, blaring speakers, and a hype man usually sent by the sponsoring company. This year for spring break 2010, Studentcity combined with Rockstar Energy Drink as the sponsor. Rockstar held contests all day everyday for spring breakers to get wild and crazy, and at the same time, to possibly win some Rockstar prizes. If you decide that you want to just kick back, relax and get away from the party for a few hours, just go sit by the gorgeous, enormous pool. The pool is surrounded by beach chairs to layout, and equipped with three swim up bars. You can even enjoy a poolside massage from the Oasis’s very own spa. The spa offers massages, body treatments, facials, waxing, hair care, and nail care. Everything one would need to relax, no?

Oasis News Blog

The Food

Obviously the food isn’t gourmet by any means but it does the job. I think I speak for all students when I say the cheaper the better. Students typically aren’t looking to spend any more money then necessary and spending money on food certainly is not necessary. The buffet usually consists of hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, and some sort of pasta. There are other various dishes but those change day by day. If you want to switch it up for a meal, there are a vast amount of restaurants to choose from depending on the package you purchased from the Oasis. My roommates and I were skeptical about the food but to our surprise, we were quite pleased.

The Rooms

Now we move on to the rooms. To say the least, these rooms aren’t something you would see out of the Ritz Carlton, more rather something out of a motel you would stop at during the family road trip to Grandma’s house. The rooms come with sliding screen doors with a small balcony, two queen sized beds, TV, dresser, closet, and a full bathroom. When it came to the cleanliness of the rooms, I was happy. The towels were restocked everyday, sheets were changed and bed was remade everyday. Any problems I had with the room, I would inform the front desk and maintenance was there in a timely fashion to fix the problem.


Now let’s get in to the good stuff, Cancun, Mexico’s club life. Downtown Cancun offers a huge selection of bars and clubs for spring breakers to get wild and crazy. When reading reviews of other spring break destinations and judging from other destinations that I have ventured to, Cancun seems to stand out amongst the others for its exciting nightlife. Between the major clubs and the smaller bars, there is always something to do in Cancun. The clubs that I partied at were: The City, Basic, Dadyo’s, Bull Dog’s, and the beach party hosted by The City.

’The City’: Cancun, Mexico

‘The City’ is actually a venue and is the largest entertainment center in Latin America. In addition to being a nightclub, ‘The City’ is a desired performance destination to some of the world’s most renowned recording artists. Artists that have performed here include; Fergie, Ludacris, Akon, Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk, 50 Cent, and many more. At ‘The City’, there are different shows every night. With a capacity of 5,000 people, ‘The City’ has the largest capacity out of any night club in Cancun. ‘The City’ boasts 9 different bars, a 1,000,000 watt sound system, 650 sq ft. of video screens, and 8,000 sq ft. of dance floor. All that being said, my friends and I had an absolute blast at ‘The City’. The waiters were very efficient and friendly, the club was clean and well maintained, and the party was insane. I was honestly taken back by the fact that I was in a night club and not in an arena at a concert. It was absolutely amazing. We went to ‘The City’ the first night we got to Cancun and what a way to begin the mayhem.

’Basic’: Cancun, Mexico

‘Basic’ is the only club not located in the heart of downtown Cancun. It’s location is unique in that the club is built over Cancun’s Lagoon. In order to get to ‘Basic’, people have to cross a short boardwalk over the bay. The half open architecture that offers an extraordinary view is ‘Basic’s most distinctive feature and sets it apart from the other Cancun nightclubs. The structure is built in the shape of a dome but there are openings in the ceilings and walls. This feature offers beautiful views of the stars and Lagoon. The music consists of mostly House music and Hip-Hop played by some of the best DJ’s in the world. ‘Basic’ does a bikini contest every Wednesday night where girls from all around the globe volunteer to strut their stuff and compete to win money. I believe the winner won an all expense paid trip back to Cancun. My favorite part about ‘Basic’ is the dance floor. The dance floor is a wood plank that moves up and down with the crowd. To make things even crazier, ‘Basic’ shoots water out of the dance floor so everybody is soaked. This can make a good night, into an insane night. Basic isn’t as flashy as the rest of the clubs but we still had a great time. A spring break trip to Cancun isn’t complete without a trip to ‘Basic’.

’Dady’O’: Cancun, Mexico

‘Dady’O’ is probably my favorite club Cancun has to offer. ‘Dady’O’ is a premiere nightclub that can compete with any nightclub, anywhere in the world. From the minute you walk in to ‘Dady’O’ you can see how serious this club really is. The club’s Amazing lighting system mixed with the rock ceilings and walls creates a magical atmosphere that heightens all senses. The state-of-the-art sound system, blasts of CO2 effects, the Laser Show, and invigorating music played by some of the world’s best DJs are the reasons why this club is known as the favorite “Hot Spot” in all of Cancun. ‘Dady’O’ offers six bars set up strategically around the club for easy access for clubbers to get their drinks. Various stages set up around the club give spring breakers a chance to be noticed and make things even crazier. ‘Dady’O’ offers unique VIP areas in which clubbers can order food all night, and waiters come around with fast and efficient bottle service. We had such a great time at ‘Dady’O’. We got put in a VIP section that was located in a little cove like structure right to the side of the dance floor. It was like we had our own little section of the club. The fog machines and advanced lighting and sound systems make ‘Dady’O’ a must see club while on your spring break vacation.

’Bull Dog Café’: Cancun, Mexico

Again, another amazing club in Cancun, Mexico. My friends and I had one of the craziest nights we had in Cancun thanks to ‘Bulldog’s’. To be completely honest, there’s nothing about this club that really jumps out at you and makes you say wow. They have the lights, the confetti, the balloons, the music, the contests and the fog but there’s just nothing to special except…the giant hot tub waterfall that is located next to the stage in the club. Let’s just say people get down when they get in to that hot tub. The best part about it, is that it’s reserved for ladies only. Bulldog’s is moderately sized, a little smaller than ‘Dady’O’ but big enough to have a great time. The large stage is reserved for ladies as well. But the lower tier of the stage is for anyone that is ready to party. ‘Bulldog’s’ was definitely one of the best nights in Cancun for me and I would recommend going there to any spring breaker.

At the end of the day, having a good time in Cancun really comes down to how good you want to make it. That being said, these clubs along with staying at Oasis are definitely a good way to enhance the “fun factor” of your trip. If you’re looking to go away for spring break, forget Panama City, forget Acapulco, forget the Bahamas, and all other places for that matter, because it’s all about Cancun.

Here are some resources that might help you when booking a trip to Cancun, Mexico. My friends and I used AAA, Travel and were happy with their services.

Student City

StudentCity, they’re dedicated to helping you celebrate your college years through travel. In fact, it’s all they do. They specialize in providing you with The Ultimate Spring Break Experience with all-inclusive packages, ultra-exclusive incentives, flexible payment plans and more at the lowest prices. And they’re with you every step of the way. From the planning stage to the travel stage and beyond, The StudentCity team of travel professionals will do everything they can to ensure you have an unforgettable Spring Break vacation experience.

  • Hours of FREE drinks
  • Express-entry into the most popular clubs
  • Front & center at the hottest concerts
  • Exclusive invites to private celebrity parties

With StudentCity you can party like a rock star every night — while everyone else watches.

Student Travel Services (STS)

Student Travel Services was founded in 1984 by two Cornell University graduates who shared one common goal: to specialize in the marketing and operation of travel services designed specifically for students. Since their foundation in 1984, STS has handled the travel plans of over 300,000 student travelers. This tremendous volume gives STS a great deal of negotiating power, enabling them to assemble quality vacation packages within the budget confines of the student traveler. Today, they have evolved into one of America’s premier collegiate tour operators, having student organizations, travel agents, and campus representatives representing STS on over 1000 campuses throughout the United States.

AAA Travel

AAA Travel is one of the world’s largest travel agencies, with more than 1,000 offices in the U.S. and Canada. AAA Travel can handle all of your travel needs. From local tours to excursions around the world, our travel staff has the experience and know-how to make the arrangements that are right for you.

For nearby destinations or cross-country motor trips, your Club’s experienced auto travel counselors will provide you with prompt, personalized, over-the-counter service. Each trip you take is especially planned for you, with all details tailored to your personal requirements regarding time, expenses, and itinerary. Auto Travel counselors in AAA offices in the US and Canada assure you of the finest travel planning service. These experts have at their fingertips the most complete, accurate and up-to-date auto travel information available. You can stop at your nearest AAA office, call 877-TripTik (877-874-7845) toll-free and have your trip completely planned for you.

Student Universe

StudentUniverse is the largest online travel agency for students in the US. The company was founded as a student travel agency in 1992, but they launched their site in 1999 and they have been online since then. They’re a technology company that loves clean, easy-to-use, efficient services. StudentUniverse offers airfares, hotels, hostels, travel insurance, car rental, rail passes and more. Millions of students use this site every year and they negotiate with all of their partners to give customers the best possible deals. StudentUniverse is the preferred student partner for If you would like to work with StudentUniverse please contact them.

Spring Break Travel

Spring Break Travel, in operation since 1987, is known on campus as the most reliable and ethical company in the industry. Having sent hundreds of thousands of students on Spring Break, they have the experience and expertise necessary to provide students with quality and reliable travel packages. Spring Break Travel has an impeccable complaint history. They are a member of the Better Business Bureau Online Reliability Program and the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA).

Student Traveler

STUDENT TRAVELER IS THE LARGEST STUDENT TRAVEL MEDIA! THE COMPANY OFFERS CAMPUS POSTERING, STUDENT TRAVELER FAIRS, and PRINT/WEB/EMAIL ADVERTISING! Student Traveler has been published since 1997 and has successfully promoted clients such as STA Travel, Contiki Holidays, American Express, Fiji Tourism, Tourist Office of Spain, and Australian Tourist Commission.


Founded in 2000, Explorica helps teachers create educational tours full of authentic, interactive learning experiences. Explorica specializes in connecting teachers and students to new cultures, languages and people on educational tours across the globe.
Explorica’s combination of exclusive online tools and personalized service enables them to create tours uniquely suited to provide both the best value and the most customized tours in the industry.
Every Explorica tour includes flights or bus transportation, accommodations, on-tour transportation, most meals and an expert, full-time Tour Director dedicated to your group. And with there veteran Program Consultants, Customer Care Representatives, and comprehensive, user-friendly website, they’re always here to support you from the moment you contact them, to the minute you shout bon voyage!

Mexico Spring Break

Mexico Spring Break (MSB) is a subsidiary of Mexico Destinations, Inc. (MDI), a multi-faceted travel and entertainment dynasty that has evolved in the past decade to become your preferred choice for events and concerts, tour operators, travel agencies, event planning and promotional excursions. The agency headquarters are located at 928 C Street, San Diego, CA 92101 in downtown San Diego, California.

There multi-state bus tours cover over 75 colleges and universities reaching over 1.5 million enrolled college students. Advertisements include radio, print and outdoor (including digital billboards), exposed throughout all major West Coast regions. Plus, because they are a specialized year-round tour-operator in Mexico, MSB offers only the best – and can even attain exclusive access and the lowest prices available.

MSB promotional teams are partnerships with only the hottest and latest brands, models and merchandise to ensure that our events are the preferred places to go. There performers are among the biggest names and artists at the top of the charts. Previous performers include: Sean Paul, Mobb Deep, Paul Wall, Mike Jones, Frankie J, Natalie, Pitbull, Baby-Bash, Eek-a-Mouse, Lil’ Wayne, Fabulous, Fat Joe, Jim Jones, Petey Pablo, Little John, Too Short, Federation, The Game, E-40, The Dogg Pound, Warren-G, Mack 10, Dj Tiesto, Suga Free, The Baka Boyz, Alejandra Guzman, Paul Van Dyke, G-Unit and many more!

MSB parties have also been hosted by Playboy Playmates, MTV cast-members from Real World, Road Rules, Laguna Beach, etc. and even the Hawaiian Tropic girls, among others.

Mexico Destinations, Inc. is a member of and registered with the following business organizations to insure that you are traveling with a company that will deliver what you were promised worth more than what you paid!

STA Travel

STA Travel is a global travel specialist with 30 years of experience advising young people on holidays and adventures abroad. They offer a unique range of flights, accommodation, tours and expeditions in 90 countries and send over 6 million passengers away each year. STA Travel has over 400 branches worldwide.

STA Travel Blog

Travel Blogs

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