Intern of the Week!

Mass Appeal Entertainment’s
Intern of the Week:

Courtney Fangmann

Courtney comes to Mass Appeal via Berklee College of Music…. A world renowned music school that encourages hands on learning and pushes their students to be the best they can be. Courtney brings to Mass Appeal an unparalleled enthusiasm both for what she is learning and experiencing as an MP & E major and for life in general. Courtney’s personality shines through in all that she does and if you ask her even about her last haircut, you’ll see even her stylist thought so! Courtney has been doing a great job covering the posts and updates from Mass Appeal Entertainment each Thursday and Friday. She is definitely pairing her love of music with her interest in the business of music. There’s no doubt that Courtney gives her all to what she loves and I am sure because of this, she will be happy and successful.

  1. My favorite album of 2009 was: Bring Gary Go’s self-titled record = AMAZING.
  2. The best concert I have ever been to is: MuteMath ft. As Tall as Lions (if you ever have a chance to see them live DO IT!)
  3. On my iPod you will find: lots of R&B/Hip-Hop/Rock/Gospel/Soca/Dancehall/Regae…pretty much everything.
  4. My guilty pleasure song: Ke$ha “Tik Tok”, Miley Cyrus “Party in the USA”, anything Taylor Swift….they’re so damn catchy!
  5. I’m hoping this experience at MAE will: Give me more experience with New Media Marketing and mold me into a marketing machine!
  6. My ringtone is currently: “Last Word” A.I. Music Group
  7. My dream vacation would be: Escaping to a hut over the water in Fiji or Tahiti…I need the beach!
  8. When I’m not interning at MAE you can find me: In the studio working with my production company, A.I. Music Group LLC! Chea!
  9. My ideal job would be: Freelance Production and Engineering for high-profile clientele!
  10. 3 words that describe me are: confident, motivated, spontaneous

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  1. Ashley Said:

    I see you’re still climbing to the top and want to see our dream huts over the water in Fiji! Miss you chica, keep on truckin!

    Love ya!

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