Industry Question: Favorite Music Experience

We all love music, that’s why we’re here… either at MAE or reading this blog/question as a fan…. Personally, music is good EVERYWHERE… in the car, at home in any room, in the sunshine, in the rain, morning, noon, or night… in the headphones at the gym, walking the streets of your favorite city…. and yes, at a LIVE event indoors, outdoors, track show or full band…. We are asking you today—

What’s your favorite way or place to listen to music? Do you get hooked at a concert then buy the album or is the other way around? Are you an internet streamer? Do you like the Radio? College Radio? Satellite Radio? What really does it for you? Please enlighten us by sharing your favorite music experience!



  1. Courtney Said:

    For me, it really depends! I find music a variety of ways and I love when I do! I have seen some great live shows that have led me to purchase that band’s albums as well as hearing about a new artist from a friend and checking them out on youtube. I love buying albums so that I can read all the liner notes to see who worked on it. Although you’re now able to see liner notes on itunes when you purchase an album, nothing will ever replace holding a physical product in your hand. I personally love the tangibility and get excited when I get new music. I bought the Dr. Dre Beats headphones a few months ago and love them. Listening to my favorite records on there is a great experience! They sound how I want them to sound and I can take that great audio quality wherever I go. Basically, I will listen to music any which way I can!

  2. Linh Linh Said:

    I agree that we all love music and we can listen to it literally everywhere. I also agree with Courtney that no digital thing can replace a tangible product in your hand like a music disk. I prefer listening to CDs but due to the fact that I travel a lot, couldn’t bring all of them with me and therefore have no choice but to get use to digital music like Itunes and Ipod. Of course have to admit that being able to listen to your fave song any time and any where is a great experience that people from old times couldn’t be through.
    I also love being able to listen to live performance, I once almost cried when listen to my favorite band playing live because they were so good, they sound and perform even much better than in their records.

  3. There is nothing like a live show. The atmosphere where music is being performed, raw and uncut, flowing freely or well rehearsed, is just the absolute best place to be. That being said, I typically enjoy live performances in small, intimate venues and especially when I know the music and already have an appreciation for it. Then I feel like I am a part of the performance, not just a bystander. However, there are plenty of Artists that I have become aware of and a fan of based on a live performance and that is cool and traditional in itself.

    Just three of my many favorite live music events have been:

    George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic at the House Of Blues AND Hampton Beach Casino- This was carefree, raw, and simply put, just a funky good time. You can do whatever you like, dress however you like, and should absolutely dance like no one’s watching.

    Stephen and Damian Marley at Avalon Boston was another of my all time favorite concerts. Bigg Ups to Bonzai for that ticket. The energy, sound, lyrical content, everything hit me and I would no doubt pay top dollar to see them again… I am counting down the days till Damian Marley and Nas start the ‘Distant Relatives’ Tour… Let’s just pray they come to Boston!

    Another awesome show was Femi Kuti… I never heard of him and went to see my friend Cap open up for Femi at Paradise Boston…. Boy was I glad I did that! This show was incredible- the 10 piece band with full horns and amazing dancers put on a show like I have never seen before… Beng Beng Beng… highly recommend looking him up! In fact, here you go:

    I also love CD’s in the car, iPod on the go, awesome studio speakers, outdoor speakers throughout a night of volleyball, or just about any other type of music experience. Please just hold the static, skips, and DJ’s that love to talk over music… those 3 things just can’t be tolerated 😉

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