Talk To Me Tuesday

What makes you feel connected to an artist? Is it the lyrics to their songs, the music behind the lyrics, the shows on their tour, their personal stories? MAE wants to know what connects you to these talented individuals.


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  1. Courtney Said:

    I feel that ALL the above help connect me to artists that I listen to and follow. Depending on the artist and style of music, one of those aspects might outweigh the others. For the most part, their music is the result of all the aforementioned aspects of an artists’ image, and personal story. As listeners, we definitely need to relate to an artist’s lyrics and need to be visually pleased with, say a great live show. Also, if the actual music or track doesn’t resonate with our body and make us really feel it, then we’re not going to feel connected to a song and probably forget the melody or groove a few minutes later. A great artist/song is able to hit us on all levels.

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