Intern of the Week!

Mass Appeal Entertainment’s
Intern of the Week:

Amanda Allen

Amanda comes to Mass Appeal as a Management and Marketing Graduate Student from Lasell College. She has varied interests in many things and is open to all new possibilities. Amanda is cool, calm, and collected but seeks experience and is actively creating her place in the world. This is certainly refreshing and it is our hope that through her time here, she will open up to the team and let her positive vibe flow to those around her!

  1. The first CD I ever bought was: Fabolous (when I was in middle school)
  2. The artist I admire the most is:Mary J because she has been able to stay relevant for so many years, adapting is important to the success of every artist.
  3. I’m hoping this experience at MAE will: I hope MAE gives me the experience I need to be successful in the marketing world
  4. My dream vacation would be: Hawaii
  5. One album I could listen to constantly is: Mary J-The Breakthrough
  6. On my iPod you will find: Reggae, Reggae, more Reggae both Dancehall and Culture, also lots of R&B
  7. My ideal job would be: Marketing Analysis or Marketing Research for an exciting company
  8. When I’m not interning at MAE you can find me: Listening to my iPod or watching Law&Order…lol yeah, I watch Law&Order
  9. My guilty pleasure song is: I Found My Everything – Mary J
  10. 3 words that describe me are: compassionate, intelligent, ambitious
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