Industry Question: Offline file-sharing

Here at Mass Appeal Entertainment we are looking to pose industry questions over the next few months. The questions are to get opinions or feedback from you the fans, consumers and/or people in the music industry. Today’s industry question deals with offline file-sharing which is swapping memory sticks, hard drives and CDs with peers and others. Please read the question posted below to give your ideas, share dialogue or help find a solution.

It has recently been suggested that an investigation into “offline sharing” begin. Do you think it’s pushing it too far to say it is illegal to be sharing your music with your peers by burning CDs??



  1. Duncan Marlowe Said:

    Imagine a sting operation in which federal agents stalk best-buy patrons leaving with 100-packs of CDrs. What about the O.P.s (Original Pirates) like Reverend Run and ?uestlove, whose careers disembarked by handing out 8track mix-tapes with their originals interspersed amidst other popular artists’ tracks?

    • St. Vincent Said:

      So what your pointing out is how impractical prosecuting “offline” file sharing would be. I agree with that, but the question is asking whether or not it is considered illegal. Reproducing a copy of music and redistributing without permission is illegal… Burning CDs to this end is no different than internet filesharing. I don’t think it is pushing it too far as to call it “illegal” – that is a fact. But I do think it is impractical to hunt down people who burn CDs for cheap stocking stuffers…

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