Another intern of the week!

Mass Appeal Entertainment’s
Intern of the Week:

Hillary Gove

Hillary Gove is not your typical intern and she isn’t our typical student intern either. She graduated from Husson College, has a full time job as a Marketing Coordinator for John Hancock and came to us looking for new media marketing experience in an exciting industry. From her recent ideas and accomplishments here, it appears that she is getting just that! She is creative, enjoys a challenge, works extremely well independently, as well as on a team, and handles her projects with the utmost professionalism. You know what they say about those quiet folks though… most likely there is a hidden side to them! From what I heard, Hillary is no different… I only hope this other side will join us in the office, out-loud someday

  1. On my iPod you will find: a lot of 90s and 80s, but you will find pretty much anything and everything
  2. My first concert ever was:1990 New Kids on the Block concert babyyyy
  3. The best part of interning at MAE is: The experience and exposure to the industry
  4. My dream job would be: Marketing within the entertainment/music industry
  5. One song I will never get sick of is: “Creep” TLC
  6. My ringtone is currently: “Shoop” Salt-n-Pepa
  7. 3 artists I would like to have drinks with: Britney Spears, Janet Jackson, Joey McIntyre
  8. If I could follow one tour it would be: Madonna “Who’s That Girl” 1987 world tour
  9. The song that describes my life in 2009 is: “Young Forever” Jay Z
  10. 3 words that describe me are: friendly, fun, sarcastic

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