Intern of the week!

Mass Appeal Entertainment’s
Intern of the Week:

Jennifer Maxson

Jen Maxson comes to MAE from Endicott College with worldly experience and global level interests. She has abstract thoughts and loves music so much it appears she cannot work without it playing in the background. She is like a tornado leaving a definite impression behind her. I am not sure if it is for inspiration or escape but when Jen isn’t designing traffic drivers, T-Shirts, or fan photos, she will most likely be cropping and harvesting her Facebook Farm!

  1. On my iPod you will find: M83, MGMT, Tom Petty, Passion Pit, Kings of Leon, anything besides jazz and latin music
  2. My first concert ever was:N’SYNC
  3. The best part of interning at MAE is: The experience and producing pieces I can add to my portfolio
  4. My dream job would be: Creating the designs for surfboards and owning my own boutique while living out in Southern California
  5. One song I will never get sick of is: We Own The Sky –M83
  6. My ringtone is currently:Something my friend Mike recorded onto my phone
  7. 3 artists I would like to have drinks with: I don’t know, any of the ones I’ve mentioned that are on my IPOD
  8. If I could follow one tour it would be: Kings of Leon
  9. The song that describes my life in 2009 is: Kids – MGMT
  10. 3 words that describe me are: free-spirited, fun-loving, artsy
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