Inside Blue Jay Studios

Mass Appeal Entertainment’s

An Inside Look At Blue Jay Studios:

It was a complete honor to be at the Blue Jay Recording Studio last week. However, I have to admit it was my first time being in a studio so I was a bit nervous. I didn’t know what to expect, the stereotypical things came to mind. I wondered if there would be tons of people, alcoholic beverages, or even beautiful women half dressed. But that wasn’t the case at Blue Jays. Just men and women dressed comfortably and fantastic sushi from Ginger.

True music was being made by Noel Gourdin an R&B artist from Brockton, Massachusetts who blew me away with his soultry sounds. It was the ultimate rush but I hid behind a smirk. It was like watching a painting unfold from its creativity and originality. Being a part of his creative development makes me proud and excited about his newest breathtaking music. Noel cooked up three sizzling songs from scratch which left a warm feeling of compassion inside. When I usually hear an R&B song for the first time my initial reaction is to cry. Even if the song isn’t meant to be sad I get so overwhelmed and it frequently means it’s a HIT. Hearing Noels high pitched vocals and seeing his expressive facial movements gave me nothing but a great gut feeling which translates to meaningful music and HITS.

When a person says “I’m headed to the studio” please understand he or she is about to put in work. The artist and producer really take their time, and try different things, and will go deep into it. If you are going to Blue Jay Studio there is a slight draft so I recommend you bring a sweater and of course, your honesty. – Zenova King


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