MAE is highlighting another intern this week!!

Mass Appeal Entertainment’s
Intern of the Week:

Al Vargas

Al Vargas graduated from Chester College of New England with a BA in Graphic Design and Illustration. When he isn’t designing fun avatars, buddy icons, wallpapers, and banners for Mass Appeal, you can find Al playing with animation, discussing philosophy, listening to any Classic music, watching a variety of sitcoms, or reading something totally interesting. Long story short, Al loves to be busy and it seems impossible for him to be bored! Al shares all kinds of information with us here at MAE- both useful and useless, which we all love!

  1. On my iPod you will find: Led Zeppelin, Mos Def, Muddy Waters, Tool, Pantera, Al Green, NWA, Aretha Franklin, Sepultura, Liquid Tension Experiment, Stevie Ray Vaughn, N.E.R.D
  2. My first concert ever was: Silver Chair
  3. The best part of interning at MAE is: The freedom to jump in and create some really cool graphics
  4. My dream job would be:Director/Producer for an adult prime time cartoon
  5. One song I will never get sick of is: Anything Al Green
  6. My ringtone is currently: Generic Drums and bass
  7. 3 artists I would like to have drinks with:Maynard James Keenan, Les Claypool, Mos Def. – That would also be a great album.
  8. If I could follow one tour it would be: Primus
  9. The song that describes my life in 2009 is: Bill Withers “Lean on Me”
  10. 3 words that describe me are:Friendly, Creative and Content
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