Lisa Lisa Appearances

Lisa Lisa will be making numerous appearances next week to promote her album “Life ‘N Love”. Fans can get their copy and be apart of the celebration!

Life ‘N Love is AVAILABLE in stores & on iTunes JULY 14, 2009!!

Good Day New York

On July 13, 2009 at 9:50am Lisa Lisa will perform
“Can’t Wait”, the iTunes exclusive track
produced by Clinton Sparks, on Good Day New

Good Day New York is a good morning news and
features show that airs on WNYW, FOX Channel
5 in New York City. Good Day New York airs
from 5am-9am weekdays.

Not in the New York area? Good Day New York
can be watched live from anywhere, and
available on FOX Channel 5 in the New York
and New Jersey area.

Click below to watch it LIVE online!!

People Magazine

Lisa Lisa will be featured in this weeks
People Magazine!! Lisa Lisa will appear in a
Q&A, Lifestyle and Music feature!! People
Magazine is expected to hit newsstands July 10, 2009!! Get it while it’s hot!

On July 14th, Lisa Lisa will be featured in a video
piece on! Be sure to check that out!!

Lisa Lisa on CW 11
Lisa Lisa is expected to perform on CW 11 on Wednesday, July 15, 2009! More information will be available soon!

Lisa Lisa Meet & Greet in NYC

Pick up your copy of “Life ‘N Love” on July 14th and head over to Borders at Columbus Circle in New York City on July 18, 2009.

Lisa Lisa will be signing copies of her album “Life ‘N Love” at 5pm!


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  1. Lynn Angela Pisco Said:

    I just wanted to say that I have been a fan of Lisa Lisa since the beginning when she started out and last Friday when my sister and her husband took me to see her in concert here in San Jose Civic Center, I was like oh my goodish no she didn’t . I think she has done so much to maintain a certain kind of music that everyone will enjoyed seeing what Lisa Lisa can provide and she certainly has her own way to pursue it as well as many artists can’t do in their own life time . I have enjoyed meeting her afterwards in which I was so excited indeed . I hope that she will continue to celebrate her success to be not only an artist of the 80’s in ” Freestyle ” but actually a true diva in ” Latin Hip Hop ” . Also I wish for her to appeared on ” The Ellen Degeneres Show just make a surprise enterance to sing some of her latest orginals so that way Ellen Degeneres will have a time of her life knowing that 80’s ” Freestyle Explosion ” is now making a national come back and it’s her to stay forever ! I love u Lisa Lisa with all my heart and thanks for signing an autograph even though I totally forgot to buy your new album after the concert was over . I’m sorry dude !

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