New Left Eye Ringtones!!

Attention Left Eye Fans!

Firstly, if you haven’t snagged Left Eye’s latest… you need to remedy that here.

For the rest of you: Have you already purchased Eye Legacy, but find yourself still hungering for more Left Eye? It’s a common ailment for those die-hard fans out there, but, lucky for you, I’ve got the cure: Ringtones. Your cell is the next place to go when those headphones and stereos fail to fill your ears to Left-Eye-Capacity. Click any one of these awesomely badass banners to get your new ringtones now!

What? Not sold yet? Well, let me give you just one example of the many benefits you will enjoy after purchasing one of these ringtones:

Picture yourself taking the bus home when suddenly your phone rings, blasting your newly purchased Eye Legacy Single Ringtone for all to hear…*

Person of your Dreams: “Excuse me, but that song kicks ass… who’s it by?”

You: “Oh, it’s a new song off of Left Eye’s latest album, Eye Legacy”

Person of your Dreams: “Wow. This is a great ice breaker. Want to go out to dinner?”

You: “Yes. Yes I do.”


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