We are looking for New Media Interns!

General Campaign Assistance with a large focus on New Media Marketing

Marketing Interns will sit down with Management to learn about the different Mass Appeal Entertainment Artists and Projects and brainstorm innovative and creative ways to effectively expose the product to the public. This will include reviewing grassroots and viral marketing techniques, print, and new media outlets. We are seeking smart, motivated, computer savvy, music-loving individuals to handle our street marketing and promotions, New Media strategies, focus groups, product testing, and event marketing.

Interns will become a vital part of the online music marketing process by implementing marketing plan initiatives and creating awareness campaigns for a number of Mass Appeal Entertainment artists and brands. They will also be given a chance to preview and express views on some of the latest releases.

Interns will be briefed on the techniques necessary in the New Media, Grassroots, and Viral Marketing elements of Mass Appeal Entertainment’s General Marketing Campaign. They will be provided with a detailed Initiative guide with lists of key websites, including but not limited to: social networking sites, music and culture sites, Artist fan sites, message boards/forums, and content hosted sites.

The Marketing interns must be able to identify, assess, and build relationships with new social networking, general music, and lifestyle websites. These great contacts will be acquired by the interns, and will therefore be available to them future projects.

The Marketing Interns and New Media team will be responsible for seeding the digital content received by the Graphic Design interns and distributing it through the web.  

New Media:

The intern will receive credit for his/her experience, as well as, extensive knowledge in addressing the target markets for specific projects throughout the world wide web, the knowledge of various technology/social networking sites, and the ability to provide substantial feedback on the quality of Mass Appeal Entertainment’s projects . The New Media Interns will work closely with the Marketing Campaign and Creative interns to spread visually creative content on various websites designed to increase Mass Appeal Entertainment’s Artists exposure.

Qualifications for this position include:

·         A love of music and entertainment

·         Strong interest and at least basic knowledge of Marketing, Advertising, and Publicity

·         Must be a strong writer with excellent spelling and grammar

·         Must be proficient in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, AOL, and other Internet designs

·         Must be comfortable working in a team setting with regards to accepting responsibility and an outstanding capacity to pay attention to detail and follow through

·         Creative individuals are encouraged to apply

New Media Interns will:

·         Work in a variety of social communities and message boards where they will post Mass Appeal Entertainment content as him or herself.

·         Search for new communities, blogs, and networks for Mass Appeal Entertainment to use to promote music as the library and catalog of talent goes into new and emerging genres.

·         Work with Management to promote artists and develop content for social networking and music websites.

·         Support and maintain the maintenance of social networking sites for artists. (including but not limited to: MySpace, facebook, imeem, beebo, hi5, blackplanet, etc)

·         Work with YouTube and other viral video websites to promote video content.

·         Track content placement on the Internet, taking screen shots, and building reports with statistical data using web based tools like alexa.com and tubemogul.com.


Compensation Information

The actual internship is unpaid. The fringe benefits are also priceless (meeting artists/celebrities, possibility of travel, firsthand knowledge of the inner workings of an independent label with major distribution, networking, and entrance to events/parties).


We are looking to have our interns in the office, working on a regular schedule, as it will be easier to transfer content and edit the projects. We are flexible and are committed to working around our interns work and school schedules, however, it is also important that the interns fulfill their required hours as outlined by their College/University. We expect a minimum of 2+ half days, or 1 full day, depending on what an interns’ required commitment includes, what their schedules will allow, or what they want to contribute.


Our office hours are from 11:00 to 7:00 (sometimes extended), Monday through Friday. The current internship start time is 12PM, although once the program is more established, we will plan to have an ‘Opener’ shift. This shift can start as early as 9AM.

Deadline Dates

We currently accept interns on a rolling basis until we fill all of our positions. However, general breakdowns are as follows:


Winter/Spring: January – June (Interviews previous September through December)

Spring/Summer: May – September (Interviews previous March through May)

Fall: August/September – December (Interviews previous June through September)

Application Process

To apply for an internship with Mass Appeal Entertainment, please send a resume (and/or a portfolio) and cover letter to Rochelle Goldsmith (Rochelle@massappealmusic.com).  Once you email your material, we will schedule you for an interview (either individually or in a group) – we will then call you once we make a decision. This is a great internship in a competitive industry so we must be firm in our selection process. However we do invite anyone who is seriously interested to put their best foot forward and apply!



The cover letter should include the following:

Why you want to intern with Mass Appeal?

What you think you can gain from a Mass Appeal internship?

What you think you can bring to Mass Appeal?





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  1. Sue Massey Said:

    I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

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