To brand or not to brand? That is the question….

Which is better…to brand an artists name or their album?

This has been the trying question here at Mass Appeal Entertainment these past few days. So…we decided to blog about it and wanted to get our fans opinions.

Think of your favorite artists. What first comes into your head… Their name? The logo of their name? Or the covers of their album/albums? When you go to the store to buy a new album of your favorite artist, what do you look for? Do you really go and read all the artist names until you find the one you are looking for? Or do you perhaps skim through the racks until a certain color or shape of the logo catches your eye?

How many ACDC and The Rolling Stones albums can you name? Probably not too many, but I bet you know what their logos look like and upon seeing them know exactly what they are.

What’s remembered more…Tupac or the title of his album, “All Eyez on Me”?

If you were an artist releasing your first album, how would you want people to be creating a buzz about it? Would you want them to be saying “Hey, have you heard that new album by  (Place Name Here)? Or, “Hey, have you heard that new album called (Place Title Here)? I have no idea who its by, but that single is awesome!!”.

Leave us a comment and tell us your thoughts on the subject…


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